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Posting pictures and avatars.
« on: January 07, 2014, 11:10:49 AM »
Updated  07-01-2014

Unfamiliar with posting Pictures and Avatars, here’s how.
This is now a much easier method of posting pictures.

1) How to post pictures.
This tutorial is only relevant to pictures stored on your computer.
After typing your message click ‘Attachments and other options’, this is found below your now completed message
box, you will then be presented with the Browse facility and this is where you search on your computer for the picture
you want to post. Any size of picture can be installed because the forum software will automatically resize it for you.
I often find it easier to have the picture to be posted ready on the desktop, it saves hunting around in your folders
when using the Browse facility.
When your picture is found click Open and this will then transfer your picture file to the attachment space next to the
Browse button, now click Save and your message and picture is now being installed on the forum, please wait as the
transfer is not always instant as it depends on the file size of your picture.
The Preview option does NOT work for pictures, it has to be posted first as described above before you can view it.
If a mistake is made, it can always be removed, so practice away to your heart’s content.

How to make your photographs install quicker and display quicker.
For large files you might want to consider reducing the photo file size to make for speedier picture installation and
the quicker loading of pictures for members to view.
Most digital photographs are probably around 3mb’s and under but can be a lot bigger, these large photos files take
longer to install and load and because of that I have been testing various resizers, particularly batch resizers to make
the posting of multiple photos quick and easy. I recommended installing HIGIMIT's Imagesizer, a sensational, extremely
quick and extremely easy free batch resizer - Tip - Use the HIGIMIT's orange download
button. If possible don't use the Cnet or Softpedia download buttons thus avoiding installing unnecessary bloatware.

How I use Imagesizer. Follow my instructions below and suggested settings.
Start Imagesizer.
Window 1.
Step 1 - Browse or drag your photos into the box, click next step.
Window 2.
Step 2 – Choose new sizes, select top box 1600x1200.
Step 3 – Choose conversion sizes, select top box Keep ALL current file types.
Step 4 – Choose image quality, move slider to 80 or less and select Alternate Location.
Step 5 – Choose Alternate Location and browse where to put your files, I choose desktop.
Click Imagisize it! That’s it, instant.

Regarding the 80 or less, this could be 70, 60, 50 etc. It’s all down really to the size of the original digital photo file and the
desired quality, it does seem however that even at much lower image quality settings that the results are perfectly acceptable.

See below in Additional picture information for other recommendations and considerations.

Viewing pictures.
If any pictures, yours or otherwise appear too small or too large on your screen then your computer’s zoom facility is
the answer. If you have a mouse with a wheel, hold down the CTRL key, and then scroll the wheel to zoom in or out.
The current internal forum settings for the viewing size of a picture is a result of much trial and error, this was in an
effort to give an acceptable picture size for the many different and varied computers, thus the internal picture size
settings have to be a compromise.

How to post multiple pictures.
You can either post a lot of pictures all in one go or after you have posted your first picture and seen if that's okay,
if it’s the latter just click the Modify icon in the top right of your message and continue the attachment process as
before by again clicking on Attachments and other options. To post multiple pictures go to the Attach/Browse box,
underneath which in small print is more attachments, click on this repeatedly to reveal more Browse boxes, find
your extra pictures and open them into the Attach/Browse box’s. Click Save to post them on the forum.
If you are posting a lot of pictures at once, you will have to wait a bit, so be patient.

Additional picture information.
The forum's current default setting is *700 pixels wide, therefore if your original is less than 600 it will appear
proportionally smaller, for instance an original picture that is 300 wide will appear half size on your screen.
To make your pictures to a specific smaller size, see the recommended resizers shown below.
*changed from 600 pixels wide to 700 pixels wide on 21/09/2014

To find out the pixel dimensions and the file size and type of your picture just hover your curser over the picture and the details
will be shown. More detailed information can be found by right clicking on your picture and then select properties from the menu,
you will now have a box with various options tabs at the top. The General and the Details tabs provide the extra information.

Other online resizing recommendations, easy to use and free.
Pic Resize:
Resize Your Image:

Microsoft’s offline resizing option.
Open Microsoft Office Picture Manager. Right click on your picture and choose Open with Microsoft
Office from the menu, this will then take you to the Microsoft Office Picture Manager and then
click on picture from the top menu, this will present the resizing option and other features.

2) How to install an avatar.
Go the board index main page. 
Hover curser over Profile and select Forum Profile, this takes you to the Modify Profile page and it's various options.
For your personal avatar click on Upload an avatar, you will then have to browse your PC to find the picture you want.
After finding your picture and making sure it is the correct way up, click open and then at the bottom of the page click
Modify Profile,
this will now install your avatar, be patient as it can take quite a while depending on the picture's file size.

The internal avatar settings of this forum are set to a maximum of 140 pixels wide and 210 pixels deep and any size of your
original picture can be installed, the forum will automatically convert your picture to within these 140 x 210 parameters.
I have experimented and uploaded various sizes of avatars to test the forums capabilities. The final test was a large 3.02mb
photo of 2352 x 3480 pixels, it was successfully uploaded to the 140 x 210 as per forum settings without any problems.

Additional avatar information.
If a large picture is used it will automatically be loaded within the 140x210 parameters (2x3 aspect ratio), for instance
if your original picture is square it’ll come out at 140x140. The governing factor is the maximum 140 width and then
anything up to 210 deep. I recommend that anybody submitting an avatar to make sure the original picture is larger than
140x210 and let the forum's software resize it. If you are keen to have your picture at exactly 140 wide you will have to
make sure that it is no greater the 210 deep, within the depth of the 2x3 aspect ratio. I’m assuming that if an original
picture is less than 140x210 it will appear at that lesser size, it will not convert your small picture to the bigger 140x210.

To find out the pixel dimensions and the file size and type of your picture just hover your curser over the picture and the details
will be shown. More detailed information can be found by right clicking on your picture and then select properties from the menu,
you will now have a box with various options tabs at the top. The General and the Details tabs provide the extra information.

A pixel size is only relative to your own personal computer, it is however constant
in that if you double the pixel width the actual picture width will also double.

If you wish to make a comment or offer any feedback regarding the above it is always appreciated,
if so then please go to the SDMCC Category and make a post in Forum Information.
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