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Welcome and viewing guide etc.
« on: February 13, 2014, 08:29:50 AM »
Updated 26-12-2014

Welcome – You have may have arrived here because you are a SDMCC member or have registered for the Forum, or maybe thinking about registering, or clicked on the SDMCC website Forum link or even found us by Googling, anyway whichever route you took why not come along to our Friday night club meetings and have a look, guests are always welcome. If you like what you see then hopefully you will join this old established club and enjoy the camaraderie and benefits of club life and full access to the forum.
To join is only £25 per year, less than a trifling 50 pence a week. More details on the main club website:

To the Forum >>
Please note that there are some useful pages available that guests/non-members can view.

Unfamiliar with forums, use my guide to register, login, view, reply, post, personal messaging, calendar use and other information.

1) Registration and Login.

To register use the link at the end of this line to go to the Home Page, officially known as the Board Index page:
Click on registration near the top left and agree to the terms and conditions and just follow the instructions.

To login just use the name you used for registration and your newly created password.
It is not necessary to physical log in every time, just choose the Forever or the Always stay logged in option and it will now be automatically done for you.
If you misplace your password for any reason just use the Forgot your password feature on the main login page.
2) Viewing Guide.

How to view posts.
The opening Home Page/Board Index Page has six features, five are Categories and the sixth is the Info Centre.
Each Category consists of one or more Boards relative to the Category description and each Board has Topics and their posts.

List of Categories. The Categories and Info Centre are shown as five red bars across the page.
The first is the Admin Category and is of an advisory and informative nature.
The second is the smaller SDMCC Category for more specific club related Boards.
The third is the Facebook Category and is only a direct link to Facebook.
The fourth is the General Category with a wide range of general Boards.
The fifth is the Archive Category.
The sixth is the SDMCC Info Centre feature.
There is also a hidden Private Category which is only visible to committee members.

The two most used are the SDMCC Category where you can find all information related to the club, the other is the General Category which covers a wide range of interesting and amusing subjects.

If the last two features, the Archive Category and the Info Centre do not show on your first visit, this is because they
are collapsed, to un-collapse click the little grey boxes in the red title bars of the Archive and the SDMCC Info Centre.

Finding the posts to view.
Below the red Category bars are the various Boards, to view the topics in these Boards simply click on the Board that interests
you, for instance - General Discussion, a list of Topics is now displayed, click on a Topic and the various posts relating to that Topic are now displayed, click on a subject to view it’s posts.
In the far right within the Category red bars is Unread Posts, click on Unread Posts and you will be presented with ALL of
the unread Topics and Posts since your last visit, very useful.
Tip. On the extreme right is a column which displays the Last post history, who it’s from, when it was posted and the message title.
Click on the actual message title in this Last post info, this will now open the latest post.

For those of you who have just joined the forum. You will initially be presented with a lot of unread posts, I suggest therefore that
you start with a blank canvas so to speak, to do this go down to near the bottom right of the Home/Board Index page and click on MARK

At the extreme top right of the Home/Index Page is a hard to see small white arrow, click on this arrow to collapse or un-collapse, when
un-collapsed this then shows the hidden header area of the Home/Index Page.
The contents of this header area show your Avatar if installed, Show unread posts since last visit and Show new replies to your
the date and to the right of the page is a Search box.

3) Replying guide.

How to post a reply.
Go through the above procedures to find the post to reply to.
With the post displayed you can now add a comment by using the Reply button, write your post in the
reply window and then click on post, or you can use the preview option to see what your post will look like.

4) Posting guide.

How to make an actual post.
Find the category/subject relevant for your post, don’t worry if you are not sure where to post as I can always move it if necessary
to a possible more appropriate place.
For example you might want to start a new topic under General Discussion or Old Clubhouse for instance, let’s choose Old Clubhouse.
Click on Old Clubhouse and then select New Topic, you will then be presented with a box to put your message in and a subject box at
the top, write your message and subject and then click on post, or you can use the preview option to see what your post will look like.
That's it, easy peasy!

Putting a quote in your post is a useful feature.
Click on the Quote icon in the top right of the message you want to quote from and a Post reply window is then shown, this
has all of the quoted message within it, below the Post reply window the actual message is also shown for your convenience.
If you only want to use a certain part of the quoted message, just isolate that passage within the quote and just delete the
unwanted message around it, but most importantly, the start and end quote codes must be left in place.
More detailed help here:

Smileys are often thought of by some as silly and unnecessary, but this is not really the case.
When posting messages or emails it is quite easy to unwittingly come across as
being rude, curt or abrupt when that was definitely not the original intention.
This is where the insertion of smileys can come to your help, a very useful feature and fun as well.  ;)  :)  :-*

For those wishing to post pictures please read the ‘How to post pictures’ category:

Recommendations, Practice example and Tips.

Recommendation: Before you start using any of the above advice in this guide, you might want to consider opening two tabs, one tab with the Home/Board Index page showing and the other tab with this guide showing, you can then swap the two tabs back and forth, read this guide in one of the tabs and then look around the forum using the other tab.

Recommendation: When you first open the Home/Board Index page click on MARK ALL MESSAGES AS READ, this can be found near the bottom right of the Home/Board Index page.
At the far left of the Home/Board Index page is a grey narrow column containing Icons looking like a couple of overlapping pages, these are the unread/read Icons, they show dark for unread messages and light for read messages.
By marking messages as read the Home/Board Index will appear cleaner and any new messages will now show as dark unread Icons when you next visit the forum.

Recommendation: To get a feel for the Forum I suggest you randomly click on a few of the Boards within the Categories, you will then see a list of all the Topics, no need to read them unless you want to, please note some Topics have many pages. By doing this will help you to understand how the Forum operates, don’t panic if you get lost, all you have to do is click the Home button to get you back to the Home/Board Index Page, the Home button is at the top left of the page just below the word Forum in the SDMCC forum title.

Practice example: Find the SDMCC Category – All the news and information about our club, next click on the Board Important Information, you will now be presented with a list of Topics, now click on the fifth Topic Murray Walker to view the posts, that's it, you've cracked it!

Quick tip 1. On the extreme right is a column which displays various info boxes and in each box are the words Last post in bold type, the topic title, who it’s from and when it was posted. If you now click on an actual topic title in any of the Last post info boxes, this will now open the very latest post in that topic.

Quick tip 2. In the red bars of each Category and to the right is Unread Posts, click on Unread Posts to check for any hidden posts you may have missed, you will then be presented with ALL of the unread Topics and Posts since your last visit, very useful.

5) Personal Messaging.

The forum contains a very useful internal message feature allowing forum members to contact each other via the forum.

There are three options for opening Personal Messaging, for options one and two first find My Messages, this is found
in the list of options along the top of the Board Index page, just above the Admin Category red bar and beneath the
main SDMCC heading. The third option is by using the Pop-up notification of a new message.

My Messages link:

The first option.
Hover curser over My Messages and choose either Read your messages or Send a message.
If Read your messages is chosen the main Inbox message page will open, displaying a message list, beneath
which will be your latest message and any previous messages.
Replying to a message is just a matter of clicking Reply at top right within the actual message or use REPLY TO ALL
at the bottom of the messages, you will then get a New Message page, write your reply in the message box.
At the bottom of the page are options to either Send message or if you wish you can Preview it before sending.
If Send a message is chosen you will the get a New Message page.
Start to enter the recipient’s actual name in the To box at the top, as you start to type the name in the To box you
will then get a drop down menu with various forum names to choose from. Click on the chosen name.
Fill in the Subject box and in the big box write your new message.
At the bottom of the page are options to either Send message or if you wish you can Preview it before sending.

The second option.
Click on My Messages and the main Inbox message page will open, displaying a message list, beneath which will be your latest
message and any previous messages.
At the top left of this main Inbox message page under Messages are message options - New Message, Inbox and Sent Items.
For posting use the The first option instructions above.

The third option.
If you have received a Pop-up notification of a new message, you can click on the Pop-up to open the message, this will open
the main Inbox message page, displaying a message a message list, beneath which will be your latest message and any previous
messages. For a Pop-up message to appear your Pop-up Blocker settings may need to be changed.
For posting use the The first option instructions above.

6) The calendar.

The forum calendar is available for all to view and is a convenient way to record any event whatsoever.
The Calendar can be found in the list of options at the top of the Board Index page, just above the Admin Board
category red bar and beneath the main SDMCC heading.

To post an event click on Calendar, with the calendar page now displayed just click your required date within the
small calendar choices on the left, or click on the date in the large current calendar.
Calendar link:

This will then take you to the page where you must enter the Event Title, the date will already be showing following
your action on the previous page.
The already ticked Link Event To Post means the event will also posted on the forum for you, to ensure the post
ends up where it should you must also use the Post In feature, click on the long window under Post In and a drop
down menu will appear to choose it’s destination. Click Post and it’s now on the Calendar and also on the Forum.

Another way to post an event is using Link To Calendar feature, a reverse procedure of the above.
Post the event as a new topic in the appropriate place on the forum, look at your newly posted post which
underneath has LINK TO CALENDAR, click on this and it will take you to your post preview page again, put
the same Subject title in the Event Title, underneath this are drop down menus for inputting the date details.

Although at first glance posting an event appears complicated, it actually only takes a minute or two, and will
be even quicker next time around.  :)

At the bottom of the Home/Index page is - Forum of The Southampton and District Motor Cycle Club -
SDMCC - Info Centre.
Underneath this is Upcoming Calendar where the forthcoming events are shown,
to view the actual event post click the event title next to the small icon.

7) Other information.

To make sure you receive email notifications of any forum activity I have set the notification to on.
To find the notification setting click on any of the many Boards in any one of the six Categories, the next page shows a list of the various Topics and at the top right of this list is where you will find either the NOTIFY or the UNNOTIFY button. When the choice of NOTIFY is made UNNOTIFY will then show in it’s place.
Another place where either the NOTIFY or the UNNOTIFY button is found is when a topic is opened, at the top right above the first post.
All members profile settings are set to allow the above.

For full functionality of the forum, it is recommended your pop-up blocker is set to allow pop-ups for the forum only.

Forum Etiquette.
This is a self-regulating forum so please be respectful to all members, no swearing,
name calling or inappropriate posts. Jokes can be risqué but not crude or obscene.
I have the right to delete or modify posts if I feel they are unfit for this forum.

Amending your profile.
Changing personal information.
Go the Home/Board Index page, hover curser over Profile and select Forum Profile,
on this page is where you can amend or add additional personal information.
Changing password.
Go the Home/Board Index page, hover curser over Profile and select
Account Settings, on this page is where you can change your password.
Below the Profile button is the Modify Profile button which opens up additional options, I recommend that any of the
additional options are left alone as per the default settings. However there are certain notification settings in members
profiles that I have taken the liberty of changing in an effort to make this forum more functional and efficient.

Lost your password.
If you lose your password try and login in the usual way, first your username and then a password attempt, when the
password is rejected you will now see a small window with ‘Password incorrect’ displayed and at the bottom of the small
window there is a ‘Forgot your password’ feature, click on that and you will receive a reset password email, example below.
Dear **** *******, This mail was sent because the 'forgot password' function has been applied to your account.
To set a new password, click the following link:;=reminder;sa=password=setpassword;u=1;code=*********   
I.P. Yours
Username: Yours
The SDMCC - Southampton and District MotorCycle Club Team.

The above blue link will not work for you, it is just an example.
Keep your password somewhere safe for future reference.
Need to know more about forums, find out in the help section.
Forum display settings and information.
This forum has been developed using Internet Explorer and the recommended resolution setting of 1600 x 900 for a
17.3” laptop, my zoom control is currently set at 125%. Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers are compatible.

If you wish to make a comment regarding any of the above, then please start a new topic in the General Category section.

Extra information concerning invited members and guests.

Although primarily a private forum for SDMC members we do however have an invitation policy in place for special situations,
thus allowing full access to the forum, we ask therefore that any successful invitees respect the private nature of this forum,
however there are 2 categories that are totally open for non SDMCC members to get involved in.
1) Motorcycling - anything on a motorbike - open to non SDMCC members.
2) Trials - open to non SDMCC members.

There are 7 categories that guests can view, 2 of these are the already mentioned fully accessible categories and
totally open, thus allowing guests to not only view but they can post and reply as well.

      Admin Category Board.
1)  WELCOME to the forum of the SDMCC.  Viewable only.
2)  HOW TO join the forum, registration etc, please read.  Viewable only.
3)  HOW TO view, make posts, send messages and calendar use.  Viewable only.
4)  HOW TO post pictures and avatars.  Viewable only.
5)  Clubhouse location and maps.  Viewable only.
      SDMCC Category Board
6)  Motorcycling - anything on a motorbike - open to non SDMCC members.
7)  Trials - open to non SDMCC members.
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